Wednesday 24 April 2019
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A quick look at some of the major updates by Google in recent times

A quick look at some of the major updates by Google in recent times

In the world of search marketing, it is very important to be upbeat with respect to the latest trends, updates and so on. If you are a search marketer, you would definitely know what I am referring to.

Yes Every time there is an update from Google, Online marketers are thrown into a treacherous dance trying to figure out as to how beat the algorithm update.

Over a decade, Google has evolved with respect to their algorithms. And with every update, Google aims at refining the search process thereby providing more accurate search results to the search queries.

Some of the most important updates that one should know as a search marketer.

1.Google Panda

2.Google Penguin

3.Google Hummingbird

Let me take you through each of the updates and brief you about what these updates are all about.

Google Panda Update:

The Panda Update was all about saying goodbye to low quality website. When we talk about low quality websites, it directly refers to all the black hat techniques that are used to rank the site better in search results.

For instance, just because a particular website has exact keyword in the domain name (EMD Update), it would not become the all in factor for that particular website to rank up the ladder in terms of SERPS.

Google Penguin Update:

Panda Update was all about low quality websites, whereas the Penguin Update also known as anti-spam update was all about low quality back links.

When I say Low quality back links, it simply refers to over optimization. It is very important to have relevant back links to your site.

For instance you are in fashion business and you have a back link from unrelated sites, your site gets penalized. It is also important to verify from where you are getting your back links from? Definitely not from spamming sites.

Google Hummingbird Update:

This update is by far the biggest and game changer when we compare it to all other updates. This update aims at intelligently understanding as to what an end user is searching for.

Instead of keyword based, emphasis is now on long tail keywords. It understands sentence structure and conversational questions.

In terms of mobile searches, it becomes an important update as more often the queries are dictated in the form question or via voice command.


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